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Below are common questions that parents/guardians are often curious about and have asked when inquiring about Intermountain. Please contact our admissions team if you have further questions or would like to apply.

  1. How is Intermountain different from other treatment centers?

    Intermountain utilizes the Developmental Relational Model in our treatment approach in treating children 4-13 on admission. In our family-like setting, children live in a house with an intentional mix of 8 children, both boys and girls and a variety of ages. Each child has their own room – no roommates! Each house is staffed by a team of 10-12 adults - including a therapist, case manager, house supervisor, direct care staff, support counselors, and night counselors.

  2. What is the length of stay?

    Each child’s treatment is individualized so length of stay varies depending on each child. Children typically remain in the program anywhere from 12-24 months, with an average of 15.5 months. Length of stay is discussed every month and may be adjusted (shorter or longer) throughout their time in the program.

  3. What is the staff to student ratio?

    1:4 adult to child ratio during awake hours (7am – 10pm) and 1:8 during sleeping hours.

  4. Is the staff awake during sleeping hours?

    Yes, each house (8 children) has 1 awake staff during the sleeping hours.

  5. How often do I have contact with my child?

    Each child will have a weekly social call with their parent/guardian that is supported by cottage staff. We encourage families to write letters to their child as well. In addition to calls and letters, family therapy will be set up by your child’s therapist. We require family involvement and recommend in person visits every 4-8 weeks as well. These visits initially occur in the cottage and are supported by our staff. Parents (and siblings) are also required to participate in the quarterly family seminars, L.I.F.E. Day.
    Please see our Family Involvement Page.
    Please call to learn more (406) 457-4778

  6. Do you allow electronics on campus?

    While we do allow electronics, we do not spend much time on electronics in the milieu. While we prefer electronics to not accompany your child to Intermountain, we also understand that this is an area that often needs work and practice. This may be something that will be incorporated into your child’s treatment when they begin to transition home. Electronics are not stored in your child’s room, and any electronics are stored in your child’s cubby in the staff office. Children may have the option to have a radio in their rooms.

  7. How do you deal with maladaptive behaviors? Is there a level system?

    We do not use a level system in our program. For many of our children, parents have exhausted resources including level/behavioral programs to no avail. Either the reward has to be extreme to get compliance (X-box for putting their shoes away) or the children will sabotage their own progress. We utilize natural and logical consequences within relationships for long term impact on a child’s behavior, increasing their desire to make positive choices because of how it makes them feel rather than what it gets them.

  8. If my child is hurting or missing home or sick, will someone be there to comfort them?

    While we will never replace your relationship with your child, we believe that every child needs nurture and closeness. As they form relationships with our staff and as it makes sense in the program, our staff will comfort, nurture, and hug your child.

  9. Are you licensed and accredited?

    Yes, we are licensed by the state of Montana and accredited by Council on Accreditation (COA). Our school is certified by AdvancEd and is a Non-Public School/Agency for CA, WA, and IL.

  10. Will you medicate my child?

    We understand that some children may benefit from medications and some children may benefit from medication to get through a difficult time in their treatment. Our psychiatrist and team, including parents, will discuss these needs based on what they are seeing in all realms of the program. We take a conservative approach to medications and view medications as a tool that some children may benefit from. We do not use PRN medications.

  11. What if my child needs to see the Doctor or Dentist?

    While your child is at Intermountain, our Health Services Department will oversee any medical needs, including yearly exams, cleanings, sick visits, etc. They will communicate with you regarding any needed services or appointments.

  12. What is the closest airport and how far is your campus from the airport?

    Helena Regional Airport (HLN) is about 10 minutes from our campus.

  13. What’s the next step?

    Please call or email our Admissions Team to see if we could be a good fit for your child and family.
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    Call (406) 457-4778

  14. I don’t see my question listed above?

    Please call or email our Admissions Team for specific questions to your child or if you have additional questions.
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    Call (406) 457-4778

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