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Admissions Overview

Intermountain is dedicated to serving those children and families whom our experience tells us can be successful with our unique approach.  With that in mind, we take great care to thoroughly assess each referred student to ensure clinical, educational, and medical appropriateness of fit.  Once a child has been accepted, an admission date will be determined or they will be put on our waitlist for the next appropriate opening.  When we have an opening, we are assessing for the most ideal fit for that particular cottage, team, therapist, current milieu makeup, and classroom/teacher.  

In order to assess a student for appropriateness, it is important that we gather current and historical information in addition to the most recent professional documentation available, such as the following:

  • Neuropsychological, psychological and/or psycho-educational testing or evaluations
  • Treatment plans and/or discharge summaries from prior therapeutic settings (including psychiatric hospitals)
  • Summaries, notes, or evaluations from current or past therapists, psychiatrists, or other professionals
  • Individualized Education Programs (where applicable) from the school district
  • Medical evaluations, and any other documents that would provide information related to why the student is being referred to our program. We will also need the parent/guardian to fill out the Intermountain Application, which is a Word doc that can be edited.

Intermountain does not admit students who exhibit extreme physical aggression toward adult and/or peers; have a history of elopement (frequent or for long periods of time); have behaviors stemming from severe brain damage; have current or historical substance abuse or addiction; experiencing psychosis; are in need of high levels of medical supervision due to a medical condition; are exhibiting sexual predation; or are significantly cognitively challenged (full-scale IQ below 85).

Please call our admissions team to further discuss if your student would be appropriate for Intermountain or fill out the form and our admissions team will get right back to you.


Download our Media Kit, located in the footer at the bottom of the page, for more information about Intermountain.

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