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The setting itself is therapeutic, offering boys and girls an opportunity for running, jumping, playing, hiking and being part of a community. There are a total of four home-like cottages with eight children in each residence – a private bedroom for each child.

At Intermountain, there are no threatening bars on the windows and no grim “time out” rooms. We treat children with dignity, respect and a confidence that they will rise to meet our expectations. In the end, we are rarely disappointed.

  • Ages 4-13 on Admission.
  • Gender: All genders
  • Typical Length of Stay: 12-24 Months
  • Location: Helena, MT
  • House makeup: 8 children per house. Each child has their own individual bedroom, no roommates.  Each house has an intention mix of genders and ages. 
  • Staff to Youth Ratio: 1:4 during waking hours; 1:8 during sleeping hours
  • Licensing: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
  • Accreditation: Council On Accrediation, Cognia, Northwest Accreditation Commission
Accreditations, Memberships, & Licensure