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At Intermountain we believe learning should be fun, and a child must be in a stable emotional place in order to learn. For many children who come to Intermountain, school has not been a rewarding experience; socially or academically.

Intermountain School offers students a comfortable, fun and stimulating learning environment in which to thrive. Our teaching staff form a trusting relationship with each student which creates an atmosphere where children want to be successful. The students are offered an individualized, rich, and well-rounded curriculum that addresses the whole child and nurtures intrinsic motivation along with the passion to learn. Teachers integrate a variety of teaching modalities including text books, iPads, Smart Boards, and individual, group and experiential learning opportunities.

We believe that for students to increase their understanding, they need the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice skills in trustworthy situations. Our teachers provide many hands-on activities and allow adequate time and space to use materials that reinforce the lesson. This type of learning environment creates an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge.

Intermountain believes that in order for children to reach emotional, psychological and educational growth, each team member must be informed and have the opportunity to provide input in the students’ treatment. To achieve this, members of the Education Team participates in weekly multidisciplinary team meetings designed to foster discussion regarding each student’s educational and behavioral challenges. In addition, the Education Team meets weekly to problem-solve needs of individual students and schedule activities that are fun and educational. The team also regularly participates in a staff group process which provides an opportunity to become aware of our own dynamics allowing us to be capable of emotional self-regulation, and build effective relationships with our students.

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