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Families in crisis often need an intervention somewhere between psychiatric hospitalization, outpatient services alone and Intensive Residential Treatment. Rooted in our 30 year history of the developmental relational approach, Intermountain Stabilization strengthens our ability to provide the most appropriate, intermediate residential service to boys and girls, ages 4-13, and their families.

The Stabilization program differs from Intensive Residential Treatment in that the goal is to identify and begin to implement specific strategies to stabilize behavior, family discord and friction, and determine treatment and/or placement needs for the child and family. The length of varies from 4-12End of Day months.

The primary indicator of sustained success in this program is family involvement. The Stabilization Program is geared towards stabilizing not just the child, but also the family system. For this reason, parents are required to participate in treatment including family therapy throughout the child’s length of stay. Family visits occur weekly when possible. Weekly contact between parent and child through phone, Skype calls and visits help build and maintain the family’s connection.

Stabilization Goals
• Decipher complex problems and identify the factors which contribute to child and family difficulties
• Prevent a deteriorating situation from worsening
• Identify the specific changes for the child to be safely contained
• Identify impediments to family communication
• Contain, modulate and reduce the safety risk of the child’s behavior
• Assess the child psychiatrically and identify target symptoms that preclude therapeutic progress
• Implement appropriate medication intervention for identified target symptoms
• Support and sustain academic potential through our on-campus accredited school
• Develop action plans appropriate for the specific child and family
• Support the child in developing coping skills and the ability to communicate their needs in a healthy manner
• Support the family by recommending tools to sustain the child’s success
• Make recommendations and assist in appropriate placement and aftercare services

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