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Campus Life

Campus Life

Our Intensive Residential programs are located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on a beautiful 40 acre campus in Helena, Montana. The setting itself is therapeutic, offering boys and girls an opportunity for running, jumping, playing, hiking and being part of a community. There are a total of four home-like cottages with eight children in each residence – a private bedroom for each child.

At Intermountain, there are no threatening bars on the windows and no grim “time out” rooms. We treat children with dignity, respect and a confidence that they will rise to meet our expectations. In the end, we are rarely disappointed.

Cottage Living

Your child will be cared for in a 24/7 therapeutic and nurturing environment by highly trained, valued and supported direct care staff whose longevity is a highlight of Intermountain. We focus on helping each child develop insight, coping skills, frustration tolerance, self-entertaining skills, and learn to Campus Life Photo - Jessie & girl (tutu)communicate effectively about feelings.

Every cottage has a therapist whose office is in the cottage to integrate therapy into the milieu and the milieu into therapy. Your child will share the day-to-day experiences of life and form their closest relationships with one or two cottage staff. As trust develops, your child will help staff with meals and chores of the cottage.

Playing and socializing with other cottage children are incorporated into daily activities. Once your child becomes connected to staff, he/she works on peer relationships, some of which mimic sibling relationships and others become good friendships that last beyond discharge. Since we place a high value on the benefits of physical exercise, your child will have numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of physical activities.

Cultural and Spiritual Program

We embrace children and families of all faiths and traditions. As part of Intermountain’s integrated services, the Chaplain’s Program is an optional program designed to support the spiritual and cultural development of your child. Our Chaplain will work closely with you to understand the spiritual and cultural values of your family and honor your family’s faith and cultural traditions by designing an individualized plan for your child.

Our Jewish Mentors are entrusted to work with Jewish students to help them grow in their understanding of Jewish thought and practice.  Non-Jewish students also benefit from learning and participating in Jewish traditions and celebrations in combined sessions and in cottage life.

Every week, the Chaplain provides a scheduled time for your child to participate in music, movement, drama, crafts, games, activities, and lessons that address various learning styles and engage students in learning and self-discovery.  Individual mentoring is provided upon request.

Other aspects of the Chaplain’s Department programming include a sports camp, service projects, tea parties, field trips, community orchestra and cultural engagements exploring a variety of traditions and expressions, food, language, and song.  All activities are planned within the treatment philosophy of Intermountain.

Edith Kort, Faith Mentor

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